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Introduction to Слободен Пристап #

What is for Слободен Пристап? #
This Free Access portal helps you to electronically create and submit a request for free access to public information.
How does portal work Sloboden Pristap? #
You select the holder to whom you want to electronically create and send a request for free access to public information, and then write a short description of the requested information. Your request is sent electronically to the holder. Every answer received from the holders is automatically published on the portal Free Access and it is publicly available. If the applicant has not received a response within the legally prescribed period of 20 days or is not satisfied with the response received, he can file a complaint to the Agency for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information within 15 days.
What information is public? #
Any information created or held by the holder of information in accordance with its competencies.
Who has the right to access public information? #
Any domestic or foreign natural and legal person.
Do applicants have to explain why they need the information? #


When to expect a response to a request? #

You should receive the answer immediately, but not later than the legally set deadline of 20 days.

The deadline can be extended up to 30 days in case:

1) when the information is of a larger scope; or

2) when partial access is provided.

Why ask for public information? #
Every citizen has the right to be informed, to know how public institutions function at the local and central level. To know how public money is spent, what its rights are and how it can be used. Use your right of access to public information! Public information is public, not secret. You have the right to be informed.
Why the holder should answer? #

According to the Law on Free Access to Public Information, holders should:

  • To provide the requested information (in whole or in part) by making a reasoned decision;
  • If they do not have the information in the response of the Applicant to indicate the Holder who according to the content of the request is the Holder of the information, or
  • To reject the request with a reasoned decision.
What if a request is not submitted in accordance with the Law on Free Access to Public Information? #
  • Requests relating to personal interests are not considered proper.
  • Irregular claims with an administrative act can be rejected by the First Instance or Second Instance body.
Who makes Слободен Пристап? #
Слободен Пристап runs on Alaveteli, which was created mySociety which is a registered charity. In 2021, the portal was further developed and adapted for the needs of the Agency for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information within the IPA2 Project “Transparency and Accountability of Public Administration”. The use and utilization of this portal was undertaken by the Agency as part of the commitment „Promoting electronic access to public information“ from the National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership 2018-2020.